About the brand

AVERTI is  women’s label designed and made with love in Los Angeles.

Averti, meaning “to have you” in Italian, is a sensual clothing line that combines timeless elegance and comfort. Each design uses only the most luxurious fabrics and is handmade in Los Angeles, California with passionate attention to quality and craftsmanship. Averti is designed for those who seek something special and rare, who recognize exquisite quality, and who are inspired by the story behind what they’re wearing.


About Domenica

Founder, designer, and couture seamstress Domenica Peterson spent years perfecting the art of creating gowns of the highest quality and most exquisite detail. Each custom dress she made was a long and demanding journey calling for hundreds of hours of dedicated work. Wanting a departure from the ‘Big Day’ dress, Domenica decided to incorporate her knowledge of delicate fabrics, techniques in fine handwork, and corsetry into a more accessible and wearable line, thus AVERTI was born.

Domenica has created art her whole life. She studied classical drawing and spent extensive hours drawing the nude figure. Her vision focuses on displaying the beauty of the female form while empowering the wearer. Her deep appreciation of romantic classical art appears throughout her designs.

Growing up in northern California, the daughter of a fine artist and an architect, Domenica received her formal education in International Relations with an emphasis on Social Entrepreneurship. She has worked and lived in Brussels, Florence, London, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco and now Los Angeles. In addition to AVERTI, she is the founder of Global Action Through Fashion, a non-profit organization that provides educational resources to fashion consumers and companies who are invested in a more sustainable approach to fashion.



Sustainability is central to Averti. While we are not perfect, we are committed to doing everything in our power to make products that have a positive impact on people and the environment. We do this through a commitment to slow fashion, sustainable sourcing, minimizing waste, and local production.

Slow Fashion
We live in a world dominated by fast fashion, where most companies’ main goal is to increase consumption, which allows them to sell more clothing, more often, and maximize profits. The cheap version of a piece of clothing can be available just weeks after it appears on a runway with little regard to quality, the environment, and the people who made it. Slow fashion is the antithesis of this. The goal is that consumers are more thoughtful about making educated decisions to buy fewer pieces of better quality clothing. Averti pieces are not mass manufactured. In fact, we source fabrics based on their quality, not their price, and put time and care into sewing each individual piece. For us, the joy is in the making and the goal is to make beautiful, artfully crafted pieces that the wearer will love and keep for many years.

Sustainable Sourcing
We work hard to source environmentally responsible and ethical fabrics while maintaining the quality of highest luxury. The majority of the fabrics we use are upcycled pre-consumer waste. When we are sourcing new fabrics, we choose to source more sustainable fibers like hemp, silk, and organic cotton, ideally with third party certification.

For the time being, we downcycle all our fabric waste to be used as stuffing for interior products like pillows or we donate it to organizations like the American Sewing Guild for crafters. We are currently exploring solutions for upcycling fabric scraps into new fabrics.

Made in LA
All our garments are sewn locally in Los Angeles, California. With love.